Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Almighty Dunny Show Preview!

Custom 3inch Dunny for "The Almighty Dunny Show" by JC Rivera out in Chicago, just arrived today. This piece is titled "Berbitt". Keep checking! next week a piece will be posted everyday.
Enjoy the holiday everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


For the next 2 weeks Amanda Visell Tic Toc Apocalypse mini series will be on sale for $109.99 each at Genuine Artikle. Get while supplies last!


Saturday, November 20, 2010


Instore special on these select items

Skwak's The Maniac - Blue/Black Version

Blue/Black Version limited to 200pcs. Stands approx 8 inches tall

Ghost Figures
Set of 5. Figures stand approx 6 inches tall. Edition of 300

Darkside Horselington

By Ewok5MH. 12 inches tall.

Edition Size: 300

Jacked Rabbit, the first of three character vinyl figures from artist Robert Curet's "Foofnick Universe" project. Jacked Rabbit is a 6 3/8 inch tall vinyl figure featuring joints at hips, shoulders and neck

The Almighty Dunny Show!!!

Genuine Artikle would like to announce "The Almighty Dunny Show" curated by Genuine Artikle and hosted at Halcyon in Dumbo Brooklyn.
On Dec 11th over 250 customized 3 inch Kidrobot Dunnys will be on display at Halcyon from 7pm to 10pm. Many of today's hot designers will be represented in this weekend only event in the heart of Brooklyn's underground.

The Dunny is referred to as the top designer toy platform. It is only produced in a printed form, so all pieces for the show were stripped bare and mailed out to national and international toy designers, graffiti writers, street artists and graphic designers.

Come join us for a free night of art and a special set of music provided by legendary Brooklyn DJ JASON JINX.


Saturday December 11th | 7-10pm
HALCYON the shop
57 Pearl St | Dumbo, Brooklyn
F to York St / A/C to High St
(718) 260-9299

Abe Lincoln Jr, Cope 2, D-LuX, Mishka NYC, Patricio Oliver, Task One dust, Jay222, Nerviswr3k, Nemo, Sneaky Raccoon, Igor Ventura, Leecifer, Tyler Coey, Suckadelic, Damarak the Destroyer, Viseone, Sinned, Droppixel, Osiris Orion, James Fuller, Jon Paul Kaiser
Sergio Mancini, Bryan Collins, Bishop 203,
Chelsea Bloxsom, Ahh'd Art, Spanky Stokes, Tenacious Toys, Frank Mysterio, Brian Colins, Rampage Toys, Miss Kika, Nasty Neil, Albert Art, Trevor Zammit, FOOX Okkle, Royce Bannon, Phetus, Mr DEN, ZAM, Ian Ziobrowski,
James Yeah?, valleydweller, Uncle, Matt A, Resin, Chris Rabb,
Blake West, Christian Cabuay, Chamarro, Squidkidsink, FAS, Taz, Evilos, Tom Freak, Allison Revilla, Paul Duran, Ardabus Rubber, Hellsing Chaos, Jonathanway$hak, Pretty Poopie, Owen Dewitt, Paddy Leung, We Kill You, Adam Lee, Ashley Hay, Aaron Jasinski, Michal Wisniowski, Ego, Valerie G, Moody, SNO, The Chief Rocka, Lana Crooked, Matucha Studio, Danicus Prime, Dave Rapoza, Juan Franco, Jennipho, Adam Miller, Perry J Osman, Taek, Alone One, Troy Stith, The Flighty Ellz, DESN, Mr. Walters, Cozy Robot, Chrisosaur, Nikejerk
and MANY more!


Simpsons Mini Series 2, available now @ Genuine Artikle. This new 25- character series is full or Springfield's most notable citizens. Alternate nuclear family and two chases are included in this set.