Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nicky Sebs First Custom MUNNY

Nicky Sebs brings to you his first custom vinyl figure ever! Check this out, he casted a munny head on a 7inch using resin which after was polished into a glass feel and appearance. Not one bubble exist inside this figure. Its absolutely beautiful and has red ruby inside inside the dome. The paint job is a red lava sparkle polyurethane which is cleared. Check out more with Nicky Sebs on some of his upcoming projects on his

LUCKY PICS Of the Month

Well so far this month we have had some lucky pics. Now since we have had these 2 sets I personally haven't seen either chase in person. We 2 weeks ago the 2tone Baseman chase was picked and this week the Azteca 2 Beast Brothers chase which is amazing, was picked too.
check it out!

Painted MUNNY Design for Contest!

On February 19th Genuine Artikle hosted the Sachem School District Munny Contest. The winner of the contest got there design painted on a 7 inch munny by the Master ZAM. Here's pictures of the finished design.