Wednesday, April 29, 2009


New books, and DVD's were delivered to us today. We got in Alex Pardee "AWFUL HOMESICK", "QEEDROPHONIC", "FUSION (comes with a figure)", Jeremyville "SESSIONS", and the book "DISPOSABLE A History Of Skateboard Art". Come down check them out while they're still here.

New DVD's
At Genuine Artikle
Upper Playground & FIFTY24SF Presents:


Today we just received some new DIY product. The Big Bud Blanks and the Big Nade Blanks in grey as well as the DIY plushforms just arrived. Limited supply so get them while they last.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

On The Way To Work

Heres a little something for all you car lovers. 1970 Chevrolet pickup custom 10, with a beautiful custom paint job. The truck was so fresh we couldn't leave for a good ten minutes, it was flawless. Enjoy

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Candy Apple Interview

Christine Launonen was recently interviewed on about candy apple. Heres the link for you to read! Definitely check it out.

"Candy Apple Jewelry is a uniquely, modern hand-crafted line of jewelry with intricacies that can only be created with passion and drive. the jewelry line quietly tip-toed on the scene and now after three years has made giant strides to become a cut above the rest. let's see what caj is all about..."
-read the full interview at

Also take a look at what's new at She now has tee shirts available and new items for spring and summer have been added and will continue to be added through next month!

For a 15% discount on your purchase use code "SPRING09" at checkout.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Anniversary Show

Genuine Artikle's first anniversary show will be an open submission show. Everyone is invited to join us so please email jpegs of your new artwork, custom vinyl toys , and sculpture to by May 25th.

Elizabeth McGrath at Sloan Fine Art Gallery

On April 15th we made a trip out to the city to check out the Elizabeth McGrath show at Sloan Fine Art Gallery. This was her first solo show in NYC and she definitely came through with some awesome, unique, and creepy pieces. Here's a few pictures from the show.

Sloan Fine Art

The girls, Tara Mcpherson, Angie Mason, Lori Earley, Elizabeth McGrath
and freinds

(roach girl!)

stay creepin, UTAH

(sorry about the blurry photo)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Chelsea Bloxsom/ LOVE & A SANDWICH sent us some new hand sewn plush at its finest. This time around we received her "Owletes", and her newest creation "Mochee The Monstropus". We still have her "Yetis and Ice cream Monsters" out on display as well so you gotta come down and check them all out.

Nasty Neil

Nasty Neil stopped down last week to drop off some dope customs for the case. He dropped off two custom munny's "Redman", "Swissbeatz" and "Cyclops Que". Make sure you swing by and check them out. They are for sale. Nasty Neil also dropped off some new clothing from his line Wasted Talent. We received his new crewneck sweatshirt "A BX TALE", we only got a very limited supply!

"Swissbeatz" "Cyclops Que" "Redman"

crewneck sweatshirt

DIY Designer Toys

We recently just got DIY designer toys in for you to customize. In stock right now we have 8 & 2.5 inch Que's, 10 inch Trexi, 10 & 3 inch teddy troops, pushers, bizarregoylz, 4 inch munny's, MOD:1, Think-Ups, Creative Peoples, Thump, Baby Qee's, Mei Mei's, Di Di's, and plenty more to come.. So come down and check it out to view our full stock, and our case of customs.

Friday, April 10, 2009

"Home Tweet Home"

On March 28th Genuine Artikle held "Home Tweet Home" custom bird house show. Featuring artist from all over, such as Parskid, Trevor Zammit, Pilar, F+, Erik Stenburg, Chris Hamer, Perry Osman, Miss Kika, Soopajdelux, Love & A Sandwich, Mark Fox, Lauren Minco, Kat Brunnegratt, Immortal Beloved Toys, Marshall Stokes, Mr. Tengu, Mary Spring, Myke Amend, Daniel Elson. Receiving over 30 birdhouse's painted, sculpted, and hand crafted to perfection, definitely brought in a nice crowd. Here's a few picks from the opening night and some of the birdhouses.

Trevor Zammit
"Abrascotch Dykefellow"

Steven Manley

Lauren Minco

Immortal Beloved Toys
"Karma's A Bitch"

"Roach Motel"

Robert Edwin

Pilar Alvarez

Chris Hamer
"Thomas Kincade's Summer Home"

Ian Ziobrowski
"Secret Room"

Perry Osman
"Birdman, Song Of Worms"

Eric Stenburg
"Brain Matter"


"Twins Home"

"Intergalactic House Of Moetotts"

Love & A Sandwich
"Monster Birdhouse"

Love & A Sandwich

Steve Manley
"Judgment Day"

"Out On A Limb"

Thank you everyone that came through to show some love. For all pictures from this custom birdhouse show please check them out on All birdhouse views and pricing are listed on myspace and facebook... Thanks again everyone