Friday, April 10, 2009

"Home Tweet Home"

On March 28th Genuine Artikle held "Home Tweet Home" custom bird house show. Featuring artist from all over, such as Parskid, Trevor Zammit, Pilar, F+, Erik Stenburg, Chris Hamer, Perry Osman, Miss Kika, Soopajdelux, Love & A Sandwich, Mark Fox, Lauren Minco, Kat Brunnegratt, Immortal Beloved Toys, Marshall Stokes, Mr. Tengu, Mary Spring, Myke Amend, Daniel Elson. Receiving over 30 birdhouse's painted, sculpted, and hand crafted to perfection, definitely brought in a nice crowd. Here's a few picks from the opening night and some of the birdhouses.

Trevor Zammit
"Abrascotch Dykefellow"

Steven Manley

Lauren Minco

Immortal Beloved Toys
"Karma's A Bitch"

"Roach Motel"

Robert Edwin

Pilar Alvarez

Chris Hamer
"Thomas Kincade's Summer Home"

Ian Ziobrowski
"Secret Room"

Perry Osman
"Birdman, Song Of Worms"

Eric Stenburg
"Brain Matter"


"Twins Home"

"Intergalactic House Of Moetotts"

Love & A Sandwich
"Monster Birdhouse"

Love & A Sandwich

Steve Manley
"Judgment Day"

"Out On A Limb"

Thank you everyone that came through to show some love. For all pictures from this custom birdhouse show please check them out on All birdhouse views and pricing are listed on myspace and facebook... Thanks again everyone

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