Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Klasik Archives August 15th!

Dirty Politics & Rhythmvision
"Klasik Archives"

At first I was having trouble how to describe this event. This show will be something that I have yet to witness in the 30 plus years of living on Long Island. I have seen the underground culture change so much over the years out here and it has been spread out through lots of small gatherings on the island.

With that in mind. We have gathered together all talented upcoming artists to come work along side with some of the best well... established style originators.

We have set this up to have many of different sounds including: R & B artists, bands of many styles including rock, funk and experimental, hip hop acts ranging from today's independent artists to the well recognized 90's and even 80's pioneers. There will be close to a dozen DJ s working there magic taking you on a journey on 3 different stages. A 3 vs 3 B-boy battle between two of the best break crews I have ever seen. On top of all that we will have 30 Aerosol Artist's from all boroughs of NY, Long Island, New Jersey, Kansas and other areas coming in to paint murals live on 2500 square feet of wall space. A good amount of the artists involved are some of NY's 1st to ever paint the subway system in the 70's.

Again,this is an event that does not happen on Long Island. So please come show your support, unity, positive vibes and energy to help make this something we can build out here and bring our underground community to the next level..Thank you in advance. I plan on seeing you all there.

Dirty Politics & Rhythmvision

Tickets are available in Genuine Artikle

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Greenport Skate Park Festival Next Saturday!!! JULY 17th

Next Saturday July 17th Genuine Artikle will be at The Greenport Skate Festival!! We will have a table filled with tees, urban vinyl and more!!! We will also be bringing some Graffiti artists with us to rip up some canvases!! More information posted below.

The following shops & skate companies have signed up to sponsor the 2010 2nd Annual Greenport Skate Park Festival! Meaning they will be bringing down teams and/or prizes!

Mass Transit
Raised Fist
Special Sauce
Sweet Impact
Stone Division
Syndrome Distribution
Toy Machine
Transworld Skateboarding Magazine

We're are getting pumped, are you?! Remember it's $10 to participate in the skate board activities, FREE to attend. Anyone 18 and under must have a release form signed by parent/guardian. And yes, you MUST WEAR A HELMET!

Also, do bring some coin, there will be some awesome vendors, kick-A$$ raffle and we will be asking for donations! All the proceeds go back to the Greenport Skate Park Renovation Fund! Help save our park!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shiro Show Bronx!

Last night we made a trip to Da Bakery to check out Shiro Solo Art Exhibition. Personally one of my favorites, this was definitely worth the trip to check out shes mad cool, was signing books, and trading stickers. Her canvas work was super clean and so dope! Sen2 brought us to the roof to check out the piece they did together, I posted some pictures of it below. I gotta say it was a great night. Good meeting you Shiro, and thanks Sen2 for putting together an ill show!

We spotted some street art as well check it out below.

Da Bakery NYC

Front Window

Shop Shot

Spray paint on canvas

Spray paint on canvas

Spray paint on canvas

tradin Stickers!

Sen 2 mural 1

Shiro mural 2

Shiro mural 3

Da Bakery NYC

Quel Beast

Sen 2


Some Legendary Shit Right Here!