Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shiro Show Bronx!

Last night we made a trip to Da Bakery to check out Shiro Solo Art Exhibition. Personally one of my favorites, this was definitely worth the trip to check out shes mad cool, was signing books, and trading stickers. Her canvas work was super clean and so dope! Sen2 brought us to the roof to check out the piece they did together, I posted some pictures of it below. I gotta say it was a great night. Good meeting you Shiro, and thanks Sen2 for putting together an ill show!

We spotted some street art as well check it out below.

Da Bakery NYC

Front Window

Shop Shot

Spray paint on canvas

Spray paint on canvas

Spray paint on canvas

tradin Stickers!

Sen 2 mural 1

Shiro mural 2

Shiro mural 3

Da Bakery NYC

Quel Beast

Sen 2


Some Legendary Shit Right Here!

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