Saturday, November 7, 2009

Custom Rollie Show!!

Last friday Nemo and Tenacious toys threw together a show @ All The Right in Corona Queens. The theme of the show was to customize a rollie deodorant bottle. There was well over 30 fresh pieces there all hand sculpted and painted up. I gotta say what an amazing platform to work off of. All the artist came thru with some pretty wild pieces. Nemo and Benny you guys are awesome thanks for inviting us into the show. Heres a few picks!

All the custom rollies!

"Genuine Kreepa" by Zam

"Nuggs walking nugs"
by Ian Ziobrowski

"Octo Boy"
by Polar Aurora

by J2SKE

"The Day Walker" Nemo

"Star Trek Captain Kirk + Tribbles" "Star Trek Spock Custom Rollie"
by Dan Brodzik

"Custom Rollie" by Dust

"Squidlydiddlefingers" & "Spikey Likes It"
by Mr. Den

Check out the rest @

After the show we decided to take a trip out to My Plastic Heart to catch the Brent Nolasco show, with his release of the Gordo : Blue Orchid Edition. But they were closed so this is all we got see..

Gordo : Blue Orchid Edition

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