Thursday, December 17, 2009


December 12th we held the "Qee 2 Life" Custom Qee show, featuring over 40 nation wide artist. Special thanks to all he artists who participated in making such a great event happen. Dj Six-3-one and Micky Knox killed it putting together an awesome set. Thanks to all the artist who made it down to check out the gallery for the first time, Benny (Tenacious Toys), Nemo, Mr.Den, Phetus, Terminal Press, Sinned NYC and JJ Rudisill. Nemo great job with the video, check it out HERE. Thank you everyone who made an apperance that night to support the show. This was definitely the way to end our year off right!
Check out pieces from the show here

opening night

DJ Six-3-One ripping it up

Mr Den


Task One "The Good Shit"

Terminal Press, Mr Den, Benny (Tenacious Toys), Ian, Zam, Nemo, Phetus

JJ Rudisill "Anti Nightmare Unit"

"first preview"

"Julie West"

Jamie Fales "Honey Bear"

Jay222 "Fuck You"

Earl Funk "Bad Sex Bear"

Osiris Orion "Mortuus Lepus"

Nerviswr3k "Contact"

Rudy Fig "Bad News Bear"

J.J. Rudisill "Squeaky Activated Anti-Nightmare Unit"

Mr. Den "Anarchy Qee"

Betso "The Ugly Grandma Sweater"

ZAM "Katsune Qee"

DESN "Reindeer Imposter"

Sinned "The Christmas Town Massacre"

Keith Poon "Who bite Qee"

Travis Cain "Meaty Mouse"

Bryan Collins "P.A. Airwater"

Much Love to Toy2R and Apex Trading, you guys are the best!


  1. Oh man okay now HERE is a whole mess of great pics of the customs from this show. My coverage was spotty at best. Zam these pics are excellent.
    Loving our group shot too!