Friday, June 11, 2010

Traveling YOKA Show 6/5

Last Saturday June 5th Genuine Artikle welcomed the Traveling Custom YOKA show presented by DKE Toys and adfunture. We displayed over 150 custom YOKA bears from artists all around the world. Along with these customs we had 10 inch Yoka Bears customized by some our favorite artist. Below is some shots of the gallery and Custom Yokas we displayed that night. If your local or on vaccation heading to the Hamptons get off exit 60 on the LIE and stop in to view some of these amazing pieces in person.

Along with the Traveling Yoka show we showcased Noosed Kitty the art of Jamie Fales. We featured her new sculpts that are beautiful along with 22 new drawings and paintings. Check some of them out below. You can view the whole show @

If you don't know Jaimie Fales heres a little Bio:

Jamie Fales is an artist and freelance illustrator born and raised in New York. She received her BFA in 2003 and since then has been creating her own sweet, but despondent world of animals and girls. Her work, which is both cute and melancholic, and occasionally humorous, has been featured in various publications and shows across the United States.

Jamie Fales wall

Sculpts by Jamie Fales

Traveling Yoka Show

10 inch Custom Yoka display

3 inch custom Yokas

Albino Zombie Bear by Jamie Fales

Micheal Jackson Zombie by Juan Franco

"L'ohkee" by Sinned

Techno Yeti by Task One

Bear # 4 by 64 Colors

Mossy Bear by Jeremiah ketner

Unknown by Nerviswr3k

Digger the Worm by Brian Colin

Coca Cola Polar Bear by Nasty Neil

Hub Iskus by Oke Doki

by Okkle

Desecrating Buddha by ZAM

Yoka NUGGS by Ian Ziobrowski

Franken Poo by Leecifer

All Available Yokas are here at

All 10 inch Yokas are available here

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  1. Wow, all these yokas are amazing excluding mine! Love the different styles on the same platform! Good work