Saturday, May 22, 2010

MR POWER custom show @ TOYQUBE 5/21

Last night we made it down to the custom MR. POWER show at ToyQube. The place was awesome and filled with amazing work, great job Keith Poon and the crew. It was great meeting you last night. Tons of artist made it down, Nemo, Phetus, Perry J Osman, Lysol, Osiris Orion, Mr. Den, and a bunch more. Check out the pics below!


MR. POWER Display


Mr. Den

64 Colors

Perry J Osman

Osiris Orion

Ian Ziobrowski "Miracle-Dro"

Zam "Samurai Jack"



  1. You've got bunches of pretty cool stuff there dude. Nice, nice, nice. Keep up the good work, and I'll be waiting for your latest blog posts.Thanks.

  2. Awesome stuffs. Nice blog post. I hope I can read more from you later. Thank you for sharing these things to us. Tiff

  3. What you have are toys for Big Boys. I did not know that Big Boys do need toys like these. Anyway, everyone wants to play around anyhow so, it is nice to know that you also have a nice playtime somehow. I do not know if I appreciate it but I do not dislike them either...It is just that they are unique toys. Maybe my man can have one of those,lol.

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