Thursday, May 13, 2010

MARKED MUNNY Series by Zam

In conjunction with the 13th Annual New York City Tattoo Convention, Zam of Visionary Tattoo, is releasing this exquisite series called “Marked Munny” It consists of six 7” Munnys that are completely "tattooed" from head to tail. Today we are releasing a sneak peek of these meticulously detailed characters. Stay tuned, each day this week we will release another amazingly ‘tattooed” custom from this killer handcrafted series! These will be exhibited and available at the New York City Tattoo Convention all weekend at the Roseland Ballroom, 5/14-5/16. Come by and check out all the incredible ink on display, tattoo contests and of course these “inkcredible” Munnys!

This is the first in the series of the Marked Munnys by Zam. The style of tattooing worn by this Munny is called Horimono, a traditional Japanese style tattoo, most notably worn by members of the Yakuza. The bodysuit theme is a tiger and peony flower. The tiger is commonly tattooed to empower its wearer and the beauty of the peony brings harmony to the fierceness of the tiger.

Here’s Zam’s Marked Munny #2 today! Representing Cholo style tattoos and originating from the barrios of East L.A., chicano gangster tattoos typically involve religious imagery, calligraphy, cars, images of loved ones and can be reflective of prison life. The clown face symbolizes laughing at one’s enemies. Life and death, good times and hard times, laughter and tears sum up the imagery behind the Cholo style tattoo. In recent years, this style has become well sought after by celebrities, by artists like Mr. Cartoon and Fonzy.[img]

The Moko is a Polynesian art form of the Maori people of New Zealand. Traditionally, the Maori people used sharpened bones and other crude sharp instruments to apply these fiercely intricate designs to their faces and bodies. This type of tattooing was a sacred art form and was applied during a series of rites of passage from adolescence to adulthood. Sadly, this art form almost became extinct, but Maori tattoos have made resurgence in recent years and efforts are being made to restore this ancient tradition among its people.

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